Hi, I’m Jenny Sherrell, Welcome to my website.  If you would like to contact me personally for any reason  – I would love to hear from you.  I live in Darwin Australia and do most of my work on-line. My skype address is jenny.sherrell and my phone number is (08) 8901 9400.



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Integrated Counselling and Kinesiology

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The Universe And Me Workshops

Workshops & Courses that show you how you can make the positive changes you want in your life – through understanding how to speak the secret language of your  energy system More..

The Joy of Feeling

Downloadable Programs that have you feeling your way into what you want.  You have to ‘Feel’ it to ‘Believe’ it – and only then can you look forward to  ‘Achieving’ it  More…


The Healing Codes has had a profound impact on me all thanks to Jenny. With many changes occurring at work, she helped me to re-focus and re-energise. With a plan of action developed, and my own Code, I’m composed and ready to meet the challenges ahead.

I found Jenny extremely receptive. Her caring and attentive demeanor put me at rest immediately. I think trust is critical to getting the most from this program. Thank you Jenny for your support and advice, the timing couldn’t have been better.

NW Senior Manager

Media Company Australia

Wow what an experience! Certainly not what I had expected that’s for sure… It was great to relate the present with the past – it’s surprising how we re-live the old habits. My session made a lot of sense and gave me a renewed sense of purpose.

Jenny’s great. I was a bit worried that doing it over the internet would limit the experience. She pin-pointed a bunch of stuff and let me talk things out. It was great to have a listening ear!


Marketing Manager, IT Company

Jenny is great to work with.  Every session we talk about things that I know are problems for me.  She will say things that I have in my head…things I say to myself and question.  I am amazed at how well she can find the problem areas of my life without me having to really do anything.  They are right on every session!

She has a lot of knowledge to share.  Jenny has helped me see different areas of my life that are problems and heal them.  Immediately after starting the codes I started to feel better, more happy and content.  I believe they really work!!

Sue Broeren

Principal, AliveRawFoods.com

Jenny, the power, pricision, accuracy & significance of The Code you gave me was truly  amazing. I discovered something that I never imagined was holding me back – and unknowingly, I’ve been carrying this around since childhood! This under-standing lead to some very powerful work.

I didn’t realize how powerful it was until I went to my group and we were asked to let go of those parts that no longer served us and immediately I made the connection.  I have been doing The Codes and I can feel that things are starting to move.

I truly look forward to exploring ways we can support each other in the future!!!

Qatana Samanen, Ph.D.

Principal, Inner Wisdom Coaching